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Pearlie Taylor

Pearlie Taylor

Orland Park, IL


Pearlie Taylor

Known primarily as an abstract expressionist, Pearlie Taylorís interest in art began as an adolescent when she found herself drawing on everything in her surroundings, from brown paper bags to whatever would hold an image.

She was drawn to watercolor in high school, experimenting with still life and landscapes. As a young adult she broadened her art studies to include life drawings and working in oils and pastels. Her initial focus of portraiture and landscape changed during middle age as she began to gravitate toward abstract art, where she found her passion as an abstract painter.

Her inspiration comes from adventurous artist such as Dale Chiluly, Picasso, Jackson Pollack, Richard Dempsey and so many other abstract painters who think not only of the technical aspects of creativity, but also the spiritual aspects. These are artist who are like mountain climbers and are not afraid to explore, weave, bend, stretch and use colors. The goal is to create without boundaries forever searching for that one piece that says it all.

Pearlie raised a family of five and pursued studies in art at the Harold Washington College, The American Academy of Art in Chicago and the Historic South Side Community Art Center founded by Dr. Margaret Burroughs. \

Pearlie and her husband opened a UPS Store Franchise in 1997, after his death in 2002 she sold the business to focus fulltime on art. That life changing experience created an urgency to fulfill her artistic journey.

She has participated in solo and numerous group shows, her work has been collected regionally and nationally. She has won awards and has been published in well known magazines.



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Not just black and white by Pearlie Taylor


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Shades of discourse by Pearlie Taylor


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Floral #51 by Pearlie Taylor


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